2016 EMPTIES ! (part 3)

Greetings everyone! This is the third and last part of my 2016 empties! I think they were too many to be all in one blogpost. So these are my last ones. I have already purchased more stuff and I can't wait to share my opinion with you in this year. Happy 2k17 and let's get started!🍸


  • Bioshev Repairing Hair Mask with Keratin & Silk

This is one of the best hair masks I've ever used on my hair since it leaves them super soft and also hydrates them, I've also noticed that it helps with split ends and it is also suitable for dyed hair. This is the 3rd time I bought this hair mask and I think that says a lot. Currently I'm trying new ones so I'm taking a break from this one but I'll definitelly buy another one in the future!

  • Le Petit Marseillais 1 minute hair cream

This cream conditioner is actually for the blondies out there, because it really helps to maintain their haircolor and their natural highlights. But I tried it because I really wanted to naturally lighten the ends of my hair, which really worked. I'm supposed to rinse it after, but I kept it on for an extra soft result.

  • Garnier Botanic Therapy Shampoo

This shampoo, suitable for oily hair was recommended to me by a friend. At first it felt a little bit too dry for the sculpt, but once it gets used to it, it feels like it really absorbs all the excess oils. It's also silicone & paraben free and it smells amazing!


  • Avene Cleanance Gel

This was a great cleaning gel especially for oily skin. Its soap free so it doesn't leave the skin dehydrated. Thumbs up!

  • Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant

This is a cleansing foaming gel suitable for oily skin. I wasn't a huge fan of it, mostly because of the smell- it was too intense. Also I didn't thing it did anything special to my skin.


  • L'oreal Cushion Foundation

This foundation is so lightweight, doesn't feel like you wear anything on your face, and doesn't sit on fine lines. I think it's much more suitable for older skin, normal to dry or very clean faces without the need to cover as much. I enjoyed it thought, specially at days I didn't want to wear something full coverage but still gotta have a dewy base.

xoxo Kiki

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